Our Company

Oak Motors was founded as a family business in 1985 in Anderson, Indiana.

Originally named Credit Connection, Oak Motors was founded as a family business in 1985 in Anderson, IN. The mission was and still is, to provide affordable, dependable vehicles to people that had difficulty getting the transportation and credit approval they needed, while treating all customers with respect. We expanded to Muncie, IN in 1987 with the acquisition of Irish Mike’s, another “Buy Here Pay Here” dealership. We adopted the “Oak Motors” name in 1990 to represent the family name and the pride we have in the way we service our customers.

Oak Motors was awarded the “Quality Dealer of the Year” for the state of Indiana in 1991 by the Indiana Independent Auto Dealers Association. As our reputation grew, so did our business. We opened the first Indianapolis Oak Motors location on West 38th Street in 2004; a second Indianapolis location on Shadeland Avenue in 2007; and a third Indianapolis location on North Keystone Avenue in 2008.  In the beginning of 2012, the Keystone location was moved to South East Street to expand our service capacity with a larger facility.

Oak Motors History

Our commitment to quality and customer service not only grew our business, but earned Oak Motors the “National Buy Here Pay Here Dealer of the Year” Award by Leedom and Associates at the 2005 National Auto Dealers Conference. Today, Oak Motors and our more than 165 employees strive to uphold the tradition and intimacy of a family business, while providing Central Indiana residents the convenience, affordability, dependability and value that has kept Oak Motors growing as we approach our 30 year anniversary.