Affordable Car Payments at Oak Motors

Affordable Car Payments at Oak Motors
Easy Payday Payments at Oak Motors

Oak Motors Will Help You Get the Vehicle You Can Afford.

We understand your situation and work diligently to ensure the payment will fit into your budget, as well as provide you the best opportunity to be successful, build some credit and reduce your trade or payoff cycle.

Affordable Car Payments Are Key

Each piece of the program works together to provide you with affordable payments:

  1. 36,000 Mile/36 Month Powertrain Warranty
  2. 6,000 Mile/6 Month Preferred Customer Service Warranty
  3. Preferred Customer Service Program
  4. Service Facilities and Trained Personnel
  5. Courtesy Transportation Program
  6. Inspected and Reconditioned Vehicles
  7. 48 Hour "Change of Heart" Exchange Program
  8. Flexibility with Insurance Coverage
  9. Customer Service Oriented Sales and Office Staff
Easy Payday Payments at Oak Motors

Easy Payday Payments

Oak Motors provides easy payday payments to reduce the ability to forget or find yourself without payment, due to unforeseen circumstances. We recognize the difficulties that can occur relating to a vehicle’s dependability and the challenges that can sometimes make it difficult to make the payment each and every time, on time. The Oak Motors’ program, and every Oak Motors’ team member, is committed to providing you as much value and assistance as we can to minimize those difficulties, keeping you on the road to work, home or play, as well as on the road to recovery.