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All Oak Motors vehicles are Certified Ultimate Protection Plus:

* Limited powertrain warranty, regular maintenance required, commercial use excluded. See dealer for more details.
** Age and insurance restrictions apply, subject to availability. See dealer for more details.
+ See dealer for details and eligibility requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've experienced problems with getting financing for purchasing a reliable vehicle as a result of credit problems, Oak Motors can help. Regardless of whether the problem is due to bad credit, no credit, or bankruptcy, we have the solution you need. Our vehicles are of high quality and safety inspected to be sure that you've got affordable and dependable transportation. To find out more about buying a reliable car, we have answers to your most important questions below.

Do you report to the Credit Bureaus?

Absolutely, all loans are reported to all three major credit reporting agencies.

Do your vehicles come from an auction?

Our vehicles are hand selected from all over the country. We purchase vehicles from many different avenues that include auto auctions. Once purchased, every vehicle must pass our extensive inspection, with our primary focus on safety and dependability.

My credit is really bad. Can I get approved for an affordable vehicle at Oak Motors?

Yes, we specialize in helping people with no credit, slow credit, bankruptcies and even repossessions. We will help you purchase a vehicle you can afford. Apply online now!

When can I trade a vehicle purchased from Oak Motors?

Oak Motors has short term financing compared to traditional vehicle purchases which makes the trade cycle shorter and allows you to trade sooner or more often, or drive payment free. As with anything, predicting the future is dependent on many variables yet to be determined but generally, under these terms; acceptable payment history, appropriate maintenance, average miles driven, and average vehicle condition, it is fairly easy (not requiring unusually large down payments) to trade vehicles every 28 to 34 months. Increased down payment will generally reduce the trade cycle and allow you to trade even more quickly.

Can I get my vehicle serviced at any Oak Motors locations?

Yes, no matter which Oak Motors location you bought your vehicle from, you can get warranty service, preferred customer service, or regular maintenance at any Oak Motors service facility. Schedule an appointment online today.

How do I make payments?

There are a number of ways to make your payment. You can set up ACH to have your payment occur automatically. You can log into your secured account online and make a payment. You can pay in person at any Oak Motors location by credit card, debit card, money order or check. We have a drop box at each location for after hour drops for either money orders or checks, which will be posted to your account the next business day. You can mail your payment to the lender if that is more comfortable or convenient. We can also take your payment over the phone for a small processing fee if that works best for you. Check out our partner site for more details.

If I am traveling out-of-town and have a repair problem, will my warranty still be good?

Absolutely, if you happen to have a problem while you are away, contact your selling location service department immediately so we can start the repair assistance process, which includes determining the nearest, fastest way to get you back on the road.

Is it better to buy a used car from a dealership?

Absolutely! There are many benefits to buying a used car from a dealership. At Oak Motors, we can help you get financing for a reliable car, and all of our cars go through a quality and safety inspection. We also offer a limited warranty, which helps minimize your risk.

Do I need to test drive a used car before buying it?

Before buying any car, you should test drive it. By test-driving, you will get an idea of how the car performs in different scenarios. However, when you take the car out, you should drive on roads that are similar to how you will be using the car normally. If you drive primarily on the interstate, you will want to test drive on an interstate. If you drive primarily in city traffic, you will want to test drive in areas with stop-and-go traffic. General things to keep in mind are car acceleration, ease in steering, handling, visibility, and comfort.

What is a 'Buy Here, Pay Here' Dealer?

Oak Motor is a 'buy here, pay here' dealer. This means we act as the dealer and lender. Dealers like us work with people who have had credit problems in the past and generally have trouble obtaining traditional financing through channels like banks, credit unions, etc.

How do I decide between buying used and new?

Affordability is the biggest consideration. Even if you buy new, once you drive off the lot, the car is no longer considered new and you will lose value. Therefore, if your focus is on an affordable vehicle with low insurance rates, you will want to buy a used car. If your focus is more on the most advanced technology, you will want a new car. Be aware that a new car is only new on the lot. It may be new to you, but it will not have the same value after it has been driven off the lot.

What should I do before buying a used car?

Before buying a used car, decide what kind of budget you have. Then, decide on what car would best meet your needs. Once you have an idea of these two things, you can begin shopping for your used car. When you find one you like, you will want to take it for a test drive. Finally, once you decide, set up the financing and begin enjoying your car.

Does Oak Motors offer Warranties on Used Vehicles?

At Oak Motors, we offer a 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty to keep you moving. To find out more about the warranty, you can visit Oak Motors in Indianapolis, Muncie, and Anderson (Indiana).

Find the Best Used Cars in Indianapolis

Oak Motors offers some of the best-used cars in Indiana. As you can see, we have answers to your most important questions and want to help you get into a reliable car today. Come visit us at any of our locations in Indianapolis, Muncie, and Anderson (Indiana) to ask any questions not covered on this page and to browse our used vehicle inventory.

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