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All Oak Motors vehicles are Certified Ultimate Protection Plus:

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** Age and insurance restrictions apply, subject to availability. See dealer for more details.
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How to Get Approved for a Car Loan with Bad Credit

How to buy a car with bad credit from car dealerships

Personalized Experience

At Oak Motors, we have over 35 years of experience working with all kinds of credit situations. It's the reason we are Central Indiana's leading Buy Here Pay Here dealer. Oak Motors works with customers every day that have bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcies. No matter what your credit situation is, we've likely seen it before and are willing to work with you to get you the vehicle you need.

Fast Easy Approval

Getting a car loan with bad credit at Oak Motors is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Share Your Goals, Explore Your Opportunities!

We will introduce you to our team while getting to know you and your situation. We need to understand your circumstances and needs so we can help you find the right vehicle and arrange financing. The Oak Motors introduction and discovery process includes asking you normal loan application questions, which will take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

2. Select Vehicles and Get Your Approval!

Select the vehicle that interests you the most. Once you have selected a vehicle we will go over the price, down payment, standard payment and any trade in value with you. After you have decided on a vehicle that meets your needs and your budget, take it for a test drive to make sure that you are happy with your selection.

3. Finalize the Paperwork and Drive Away!

When you get back from the test drive, we will complete the process by collecting all of the required loan documents and preparing the closing documents for delivery.

How to buy a car with bad credit and no cosigner
How to buy a car with bad credit from car dealerships

Be on the Road Again in Hours!

The total process takes the typical customer between two to four hours to complete. Your time may vary depending on the amount of time spent in selecting a vehicle, collecting personal documents, and closing the deal. Please be sure to bring the following documents with you so that we can complete the approval process as quickly as possible:

  1. Driver's license
  2. Income verification, such as pay stubs, Social Security statements, etc.
  3. 2 pieces of verification for your current address, such as utility bills, mortgage or rent statements, etc.
  4. Your trade-in vehicle and title (if applicable).
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