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** Age and insurance restrictions apply, subject to availability. See dealer for more details.
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Guide to Buying a Used Car

Most used car buyers look for quality, affordable and reliable vehicles. At Oak Motors, we recognize this and offer you dependable cars that are safety inspected. We also provide you with an opportunity to rebuild your credit despite your credit problems, bankruptcy, or credit history. Read on to gain valuable tips for buying a used car.

First Step: Set a Car-Buying Budget You Can Afford

Setting a feasible used vehicle buying budget goes beyond searching for a car with manageable monthly payments. Always consider the not-so-obvious expenses of owning a particular vehicle. The costs include maintenance, interest, insurance, and parking. Once you set a car-buying budget, stick to it even if other pricier vehicles catch your attention.

Second Step: Find the Right Used Car

Buying a used vehicle requires you to do your due diligence to find the right one. Such a car fits your budget, has an attractively low mileage, has undergone service, is in excellent shape, and hasn't had significant accidents in the past. You can also consider a used car's potential insurance costs, fuel economy, and safety ratings.

At Oak Motors, we make finding the right used car more straightforward and convenient by providing you with an inventory of over 500 vehicles. Our inventory page showcases various car models and their release year, front profile, and make. It also allows you to navigate between pages, view favorite vehicles, compare favorites and chat with different Oak Motors dealers.

You can learn more about every car on the page by clicking on its image. Doing so allows you to view the selected car's back profile, side profile, and interior photos. Vehicle features listed on the page include engine type, fuel type, fuel consumption type, and many others.

At Oak Motors, we list quality cars thanks to our rigorous reconditioning process, safety checks, and inspection. Any vehicle we sell gives you affordable, dependable transportation. Our cars also have a 36-month/ 36,000 miles limited warranty to keep you on the road.

Third Step: Find Affordable Used Car Financing

Buying a used vehicle is smooth and easy if you have enough cash. However, suppose you need financing to purchase a pre-owned car. In that case, you need a loan with favorable terms, including a low-interest rate. Most car buyers look for pre-approved financing offers before approaching car dealerships.

Most lenders are hesitant to issue used car loans or issue them with high-interest rates because they consider them high-risk loans. At Oak Motors, we understand this and help you rebuild credit from a life misfortune such as a medical emergency, a COVID crisis, or a sudden job loss. We can help you if you've faced challenges getting financing due to credit problems, no credit history, or even bankruptcy.

Why You Should Shop with Us

Quick and Easy Approval

Applying for used car financing at Oak Motors is a simple three-step process. The first step is an introduction and assessment process that enables us to understand your financial situation and organize your car's financing. We then allow you to select the vehicle you like before taking you through its price, standard, and down payments. The last step entails a test drive, completing the paperwork, and handing over the car keys to you.


Oak Motors strives to build long-term relationships with clients by providing affordable financing. We allow vehicle trade-ins to minimize your monthly payments and down payments. Our client service programs also enable us to give you discounted repairs for car issues that aren't covered in the warranty.


With Oak Motors, you can utilize easy and convenient monthly repayment options, including our app, ACH, kiosks, and many other options. Our referral program also helps you service your used car loan. You can get as much as $200 any time you send a purchasing client to us. Our used car loans also allow you to boost your overall credit rating.

Oak Motors Is Here for Your Vehicle Purchasing Needs

Oak Motors is your best bet if you want a used car in Indiana. Our used car guide helps you understand our affordable, accessible, and favorable financing options. All our listed cars are quality pre-owned vehicles that have undergone rigorous safety checks. Contact us today for all your car purchasing needs!

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