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Most Reliable Car Brands In 2022

Cars In The Sun

The biggest draw when buying a brand-new car is its warranty. However, if you plan to keep the vehicle even after the warranty expires, reliability is a crucial factor that comes into play. Buying a reliable car will ensure you don't incur painful repair bills whenever your new vehicle fails to start or breaks down.

Settling for the best brand in a market flooded with options is understandably daunting. To help you get the most mileage from your car, check out this list of the top reliable car brands for 2022 from Oak Motors. These cars can last up to 15 years, making them the best options for your investment.


Japanese automotive manufacturers have an excellent track record of producing the most reliable cars. That trend continues with Toyota blazing the trail. They mainly focus on building low-maintenance and hardy vehicles that sometimes outlive their owners.

Many Toyota vehicles across many classes demonstrate unmatched reliability, from the hybrid Prius to crossover SUVs like the RAV4. Add on their stellar value retention and outstanding resale value, and it's a no-brainer why Toyotas are pretty popular.


There is no stopping the Japanese reliability train. Honda builds safe and reliable vehicles like the excellent CR-V and the reliability darling Civic.

Honda vehicles have a comparably low frequency of visits to your local repair shop. Additionally, their average annual repair cost for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is lower than most vehicles. Their slower product refreshes and sharing of powertrains across its various vehicles reduce the quality and reliability issues.


Korean vehicle brands struggled to break into the American auto market in their early years. They were viewed as cheap transport alternatives with low-reliability scores. Their tenacity bore fruits because, several iterations later, Kia became a household name.

They offer a range of vehicles that combine cutting-edge technology and industry-leading reliability. Case in point, the 2022 Kia Telluride handily beats the competition in the midsize SUV category. It offers an outstanding combination of quality, value, ample cargo and passenger space, and high marks in reliability ratings.


As one of the oldest American auto brands, Buick has evolved to match the current trends while maintaining some of its design traditions. Its brand power may have waned compared to its yesteryears, but reliability is critical in all Buicks.

Since they are based on GM platforms, Buicks tend to have low maintenance costs and offer customer service that's on par with higher-tier vehicles. The Buick Lacrosse offers the brand's luxury without compromising dependability.


There's an advantage to being under the same parent company. The sharing of ideas and resources leads to the production of efficient and reliable products. Hyundai and Kia vehicles have a lot in common under the hood. Hyundai Motor Group has changed the negative perception of Korean vehicles by manufacturing highly reliable and easy-to-maintain cars.

Hyundai vehicles are feature-laden and powered by fuel-economical engines that keep on running for an extended period. But perhaps what makes them popular is their industry-leading warranty.


Another vehicle brand in GM's stable, Chevrolet, managed to rectify its past reliability issues to become one of the top trusted vehicle manufacturers. From their imposing Silverado 1500 to the Suburban, Chevrolet vehicle models have the fewest reported problems in their respective segments.

Their vehicles pack size and power in a neat and affordable package while offering reliability and excellent value retention.

What Makes A Car Reliable?

Reliable vehicles hold up well over extended usage and don't inconvenience with frequent breakdowns and repairs. Reading vehicle reviews and checking reliability reports are the best methods of determining whether a vehicle will meet the owners' expectations.

Oak Motors offer quality vehicles that are safety inspected to give you affordable, dependable transportation. Our vehicles have a 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty to keep you on the road. We also provide vehicle financing solutions if you have trouble affording your dream car. Contact us today to get approved for the car you need.

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