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Oak Motors’ Company History

Oak Motors History

Oak Motors was founded as a family business in 1985 in Anderson, Indiana.

For more than 30 years Oak Motors has been putting customers like you in the driver’s seat – of a solid, affordable used car despite potential credit challenges you might have. Our job is simple. Let you get on with your life with the car you need to make that happen.

With five locations around Indianapolis, our 165 employees are here to help you get behind the wheel secure in the knowledge that your newly purchased vehicle has been fully inspected and serviced. We understand you need credit, but you also need a payment you can afford.

Our Mission

For 30 years, the Oak Motors has been true to its mission: “provide affordable, dependable vehicles to people who have difficulty getting the transportation and credit approval they need.” A family business with strong roots in Indiana, the “Second Chance Superstore” is focused completely on the satisfaction of its customers. And that’s why so many come back a second and third time.

Our Legacy

That tradition, that fair and honest approach, has earned Oak numerous awards from Quality Dealer of the Year by the Indiana Independent Auto Dealers Association 20 plus years ago to being recognized as the National Buy Here, Pay Here Dealer of the Year award by the National Auto Dealers Conference. Oak continues to hold a an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our Future

Now in its second generation and run by brothers Tiger and Mic Okeley, the company remains true to its family values and customer-first mindset, focused on the convenience, affordability, dependability and value for customers. We’re looking forward to the next 30 years of successful service to you – our customer.

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