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H.E.A.R.T. Core Values: Energy

Energy at Oak Motors

An energetic person is eager, willing, and able to innovate. The high energy Oak Motors employee brims with confidence and easily transfers that buoyancy to our customers. The mere presence of someone with boundless energy gives our employees and our customers the assurance that they will always have the support needed.

One of our responsibilities as employees at Oak Motors is to entertain, engage and educate our customers. By making everything exciting, capturing attention before moving to mundane but necessary topics, and lightening the collective mood we are able to make positive impacts in our customer’s lives.

The following characteristics stand out in high energy people:

  • Intense, eager and appreciative
  • Highly communicative
  • Focused on team results
  • Firm in their convictions
  • Good judgement of people and situations but not judgmental

High energy can help transform people, employees, teams and organizations into a One World Class Organization and that’s we thrive to do at Oak Motors.

Energy is the ability to make an effort. Assert positive energy in everything that we do at Oak Motors.

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