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H.E.A.R.T. Values: Respect

Respectat Oak Motors

Respect is feeling admiration for someone because of good qualities, abilities, or achievements. Respect is simply accepting people as they are regardless of situations and personal beliefs. Showing respect means focusing on the needs of others. At Oak Motors, our customers are held with high regards and given respect regardless of their previous credit history or life experiences.

Our responsibility as employees is to make a positive impact on our customer’s experience through communication and active listening. Respect is care and we care about our customers success. We give them superior service to impact their experience before, during, and even after the sale!

Feeling respected by co-workers and leaders within our company is accomplished through recognition, feedback, accountability, and engagement in our process. Respect is an extremely empowering asset to both the employees and the customer here at Oak Motors, and it is a driving force in what we do on a day to day basis. Respecting one another is just a part of our “World Class Organization”.

At Oak Motors, respect is showing understanding, concern and appreciation for the work, feelings, efforts, and general well-being of our fellow human beings.

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