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Top 10 Items to Have In Your Emergency Roadside Kit

Stranded Motorist

Having your car break down on the side of the road can become a nightmare quickly, so unless you have emergency roadside assistance, you should get the following items to keep in your car:

Jumper Cables

One of the most common reasons you might be stranded is that your battery has died. Be sure to have a good set of jumper cables on hand so that another motorist can help you get your car started. And don’t cheap out on bargain bin jumper cables because you may find they don’t work when you need them the most. Get a good, heavy duty set of jumper cables with thick gauge wires. You should try to find longer jumper cables when possible to make it easier to get your battery connected to another vehicle.

Cell Phone Charger

Keep a backup phone charger in your emergency kit so that you can charge your phone to be able to make calls in case of emergency. Or better yet, purchase a battery powered charger for your phone in case your car’s battery dies.

Safety Equipment

Having an emergency is stressful enough that you don’t need to also worry about other cars not seeing you on the side of the road. Get yourself some triangle reflectors or road flares so that people know where you are, and possibly may even stop to give you a hand.


If your vehicle has a coolant or oil leak it’s important to keep an extra quart or gallon on hand so that you can refill it and get back on the road again.

First Aid Kit

Should someone get hurt while attempting to repair the vehicle, or if your emergency is that someone is hurt, be sure to have a first aid kit on hand. Keep it filled with bandages, antibiotics, pain relievers, scissors, etc. If someone in your family has specific medical conditions, be sure to keep provisions for that as well.


If you break down on a cold night or in the middle of winter it’s important to have some blankets around to help keep you warm while you wait for help. You don’t want to have to run the car’s heat constantly because you may run out of gas.

Tool Kit

Be sure to have some basic tools on hand so that you can attempt to repair the vehicle. A good tool kit should have screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, a pocket knife, a flashlight and batteries.

Tire Repair

Keep a can of tire inflator, like Fix-A-Flat, on hand so that you can re-inflate a flattened tire. Also keep a tire gauge on hand so you can check your tire pressure if needed.

Windshield Cleaning Supplies

If your window wipers quit working or if you run out of washer fluid, keep a spray bottle of wiper fluid on hand with some paper towels to be able to clean your windshield. You should also keep an ice scraper on hand if you live in or are traveling to snowy areas so that you can clean your windows off.

Food and Water

You could be stranded for hours during a break down, so keep some bottled water and snacks on hand to keep your energy level up while you wait for help.

Don't let a car breakdown ruin your day. Be prepared and stay safe on the road. Call 877-OAK-MOTORS if you would like to learn what other items our experts keep on their emergency roadside kits!

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