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Our Used Car Warranty & Preferred Service Options

Powertrain Warranty

Oak Motors includes a 36 month/36,000 mile powertrain warranty with every vehicle purchase. (See dealer for full details)

Preferred Customer Service Warranty

Oak Motors includes a 6 month/6,000 mile preferred customer service warranty with every vehicle purchase. (See dealer for full details)

Preferred Customer Service Program

Oak Motors offers a preferred customer service program that includes all non-warranty repairs to be performed at a discounted labor rate. Additionally, we offer competitively discounted prices for the parts needed to make those repairs. We also provide published menu pricing for minor maintenance repairs. The term of this Preferred Customer Service Program is for as long as you are a customer of Oak Motors and Indiana Finance Company and remain in good standing.

Convenient Service

Each Oak Motors location has a full service facility and waiting area, except for the Muncie location which is serviced by the Anderson service facility. Service can be obtained from whichever service location is most convenient to you, regardless of which Oak Motors location you purchased your vehicle from.

Trained & Certified Technicians

Oak Motors has factory trained and ASE certified technicians that perform our extensive pre-delivery inspection and reconditioning process. This highly trained staff is also your resource for any warranty or maintenance repairs you may need.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Oak Motors completes an extensive inspection of all working and non working mechanical components and features. We repair items related to safety and dependability. Cosmetic or accessory items may not be repaired if deemed not to add significant value verses cost of repair. The vehicle is priced and sold accordingly.

Warranty on Repairs

Oak Motors offers a repair warranty on any repair performed in our service facility. We also perform a multi-point inspection at no charge to you to let you know of any additional or upcoming maintenance needed. Ask for additional details.

Courtesy Transportation

Ride to Work or Home

Oak Motors will attempt to provide a ride to work or home:

  1. If the repairs will take more than two hours to complete.
  2. If the trip is a 30 minute one way drive or less from the dealership.
  3. If the need is between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday thru Friday.
  4. If there is a conflict with availability or scheduling, warranty repair customers will take priority over all preferred customer service repair customers.

Rental Vehicle

Oak Motors will attempt to provide a rental to use:

  1. If the warranty repair requires eight labor hours or more to complete. Generally, these will be powertrain repairs such as the replacement of the engine, transmission or drive axle.
  2. If there is a rental vehicle available.
  3. If the customer can produce a valid driver’s license to be photo copied and Oak Motors can verify, via fax, that the customer has valid full coverage insurance in place on the vehicle in service prior to receiving the rental vehicle.
  4. If the customer understands he/she is the only authorized driver of the rental vehicle.
  5. The customer must be 21 years of age or older. The cost of the rental vehicle is $20 per week.
  6. If the customer understands that they are fully responsible for the condition of the rental while in their possession, including maintaining the relative level of cleanliness and returning the vehicle with the same level of gas as it was received. If not, then the customer agrees to satisfy the charges to return the vehicle back into the received condition just as any other rental company would expect or be pursued legally and the customer will be excluded from future use of the rental program.

Rental Restrictions

Oak Motors rentals are reserved for warranty repairs and specifically powertrain warranty repairs. The replacement of the engine, transmission or the drive axle can take up to 7 to 10 days depending on parts availability, shipping, installation and quality control. Oak Motors understands the lack of transportation for that period of time is difficult and that all of our customers may not have access to alternative transportation or be able to rent a vehicle for a variety of reasons and that is the reason we offer our rental program. Ask us for more details!

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