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All Oak Motors vehicles are Certified Ultimate Protection Plus:

* Limited powertrain warranty, regular maintenance required, commercial use excluded. See dealer for more details.
** Age and insurance restrictions apply, subject to availability. See dealer for more details.
+ See dealer for details and eligibility requirements.
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What to Know About Warranties When Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, a warranty is one of the most important ways to ensure your transportation needs are financially and physically secure. It's important to be clear about what's covered in any car warranty, being a seller's legally binding promise to cover the costs of repairs or perform the repairs themselves. Warranty agreements also sometimes cover additional services, as we'll explain further on.

Warranty coverage on cars is almost always provided over a duration of time or before a mileage threshold (e.g., 36 months / 36,000 miles). They can be obtained from various sources, not limited to manufacturers or car dealerships.

Do Used Cars Come With a Warranty?

Any car, including used, can be given warranty coverage. When buying a used car, even the original manufacturer's warranty will likely still apply to the new owner. If your used car is on the newer side — not uncommon with high-quality used car dealers — ask if the car still has any of the manufacturer's factory warranty coverage left. They may even have transferrable third-party warranty coverage (more on this below).

Note that factory warranty coverage begins from the original purchase date, not the date of the car's creation. These are usually "bumper-to-bumper" or comprehensive warranties, including worn items and accessories not likely to be covered by additional warranty plans.

Even then, an aftermarket or extended car warranty with a trusted used car dealer is wise. Any manufacturer's warranty you might come across likely only has a short amount of coverage left.

What Do Extended Car Warranties Cover? What Don't They Cover?

An extended warranty, when buying a used car, should fully cover the "powertrain," a shorthand for the parts that physically propel your vehicle. This includes the car’s:

  • Engine
  • Driveshaft
  • Transmission
  • Differentials

The transfer case, a component of AWD and 4WD vehicles, is also part of the powertrain. Axles are usually also covered under powertrain coverage. Depending on the seller or the car's condition, the exact coverage might vary, and you'll need to consult with the dealer to be clear about what's included and under what conditions.

Extended warranties usually exclude things like "wear items" (e.g., axle shafts, bearings, tires, exhaust manifolds, etc.), accessories, and items that may be important (such as windows) but are not essential to the functioning of the car.

Other benefits can be given with used car warranties, such as transportation costs or loaner vehicles to assist you in the event of a breakdown or during maintenance. They may also cover certain repair work and general customer service perks, functioning almost like a club. This type of fully featured used car warranty may be referred to as a "preferred customer warranty," which provides greater peace of mind and top-tier service.

Can a Warranty Be Transferred to a New Owner?

When buying used car warranty services, be clear on when a warranty is or isn't transferred to a new owner. This is especially important if there already are, or if you're considering, multiple warranties on a used car.

Almost every manufacturer warranty will transfer to new owners and is based almost entirely on the car's time and mileage since the date of purchase. Of course, certain actions could have voided the warranty, and you may not know the car's complete history — so to be sure, have your trusted used car dealership help you investigate the exact status of the factory warranty.

Extended warranties can be transferred, but they must be done properly through the original issuer of the warranty. This usually must be done within 30 days of purchase. The most competent and reliable used car dealer/third-party warranty provider will have accurate records on the preexisting warranty status of their inventory.

Oak Motors | Indiana's Most Reliable Used Cars and Warranties

We provide the highest quality used cars, generous trade-in deals, as well as robust warranties and maintenance services for the greatest peace of mind.

Because we believe our work begins after you get the transportation you need, customers know they can rely on us well after the point of sale. Our commitment to long-term service has earned us Leedom and Associates' "National Buy Here Pay Here Dealer of the Year" award because we know it's our delighted customers that make it all worthwhile.

Don't hesitate to contact Oak Motors — Indiana's premier used car dealer and auto-financing resource − for any questions on getting an extended warranty when buying a used car.

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