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What To Look For In A Car: Choosing The Right Vehicle

Salesman and woman looking at vehicle

As you prepare to buy a car, you will realize that you have come face to face with many new options and features. From gas versus electric to the shape, color, and size of the car, there are many options to choose from. While you may not realize it now, the car you pick can influence your happiness, experience, and transportation. So it's important to know what to look for to choose a car that suits your needs and driving preferences more easily.

This vast array of options now available to you is why we at Oak Motors help you determine which car best suits your needs. Read on to see how we can help.

How To Find The Right Car For You

Finding the right car for your next purchase is about knowing what you need, what you can afford, and the cars available to meet your needs. It is not always about which make or model - exactly - but whether you find a vehicle that has the right number of seats, handling, and efficiency for your lifestyle requirements. Let's look at a few essential steps to help you know which car to buy.

Assess Your Needs

The first step is to assess what you need from the car. Consider this step similar to setting up filters for a search. Knowing your needs will help narrow down possibilities by removing cars that don't meet your needs and spotlighting those that do.

  • How many passengers?
  • How much cargo?
  • City driving or long rural drives?
  • On-road or off-road?
  • Towing capabilities?
  • Preferred safety and assistance features?

The answers to these questions will help guide your decision toward makes and models that meet your must-have needs and include almost all of your nice-to-have features.

Saving money on a vehicle

Set Your Budget

Knowing your car buying budget is very important, as it will determine not only the car you buy but also your financial health after purchasing your car. First, consider how large a down payment you can afford and what kind of loan you can have approved. Consider the depth of your savings account and leave yourself a fair rainy day fund.

Consider Other Cars in the Class

Never get too hung up on buying a specific car. The market has ebbs and flows in availability and pricing. For many practical reasons, the best car for you may not be your mental dream car. While you may be looking for the perfect X model with Y features, keep your mind open to any model that suits your needs and style.

Set Up a Test Drive

Always take a test drive before committing to purchasing a vehicle. It would be best if you also were sure to test drive the vehicle you will purchase as opposed to a vehicle of the same make and model that happens to be available on the lot. The test drive lets you know how the car handles, indicating whether a car fits perfectly with your driving style, preferences, and daily needs.

What to Look For in a Test Drive

The best way to make a good decision about which car to buy is a test drive. But how do you know what makes a good test drive from a bad one? The following three messages clearly show that you and the car are a good fit.

  • Your Daily Drive - Take the car into traffic and road conditions that resemble your driving routine. Commuting, going up mountains, or traveling at high speeds can all be tested.
  • Inside and Outside the Car - Get into and out of the car a few times. Climb into the back seat, pretend to rummage for lost items, and experiment with the trunk or hatchback. Make sure the car is comfortable and convenient from every angle.
  • Play With the Features - Lastly, fiddle with the settings. Turn the car to radio-only mode. Try the backup and parking cameras. Toy with the dash computer and touch screen while stopped to discover all its accessible features.

After a successful test drive and with your priorities in mind, you will be in the best position to make a smart choice on how to choose your next car.

Shop the Best Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles in Indianapolis

Shopping for your next car should be fun and easy. Once you know the facts, dealership professionals can help matchmake your needs and desires to the right car on the lot. Discover the best selection of pre-owned vehicles in Indianapolis with Oak Motors. Browse used vehicle inventory and contact us for more info.

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