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Does Buying A Car Help With Taxes?

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2023-03-08
The IRS has numerous legal regulations that could decrease the tax burdens associated with buying and maintaining a vehicle. Each layer of financial and legal red tape involved has a potential bearing on the amount of taxes owed, both at

Tips for Car Trade-Ins

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2023-03-02
The car market has various challenges that have made it difficult to navigate, especially for people who prefer trading in their vehicles. Despite the challenges, if you want to trade in your car, you should know its value and how

Guide to Buying a Used Car

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2022-12-31
Most used car buyers look for quality, affordable and reliable vehicles. At Oak Motors, we recognize this and offer you dependable cars that are safety inspected. We also provide you with an opportunity to rebuild your credit despite your credit

How to Get Financing for a Car

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2022-10-09
Buying a new car is exciting and intimidating. In reality, many people don’t have the cash to buy their cars and have to secure additional financing through car loans. Before taking a car loan, it’s vital to understand how the

Most Reliable Car Brands In 2022

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2022-09-19
The biggest draw when buying a brand-new car is its warranty. However, if you plan to keep the vehicle even after the warranty expires, reliability is a crucial factor that comes into play. Buying a reliable car will ensure you

AWD vs 4WD: What's The Difference?

Categories: Buying Information
Posted: 2022-09-05
Most automobile buyers confuse a Four-Wheel Drive with an All-Wheel Drive. The two terms are often used interchangeably, adding to the confusion. However, there are some crucial distinctions. Amidst all the chaos, here is how to differentiate a 4WD vs.
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